Adversity! Why Not?

Tough times test character and help to define priorities. As motivational guru Les Brown states, “Adversity introduces a person to himself”.  The tough times we encounter in life are never permanent, even though the pressure may be taxing on our spirits.  Leaning forward means to focus on the end game and to not let temporary setbacks distract us from our goals.

Every setback and negative transition period can be defeated if we continue to move forward.  Quitting prematurely has destroyed dreams!  We all have greatness within and it is our choice as to whether we want to manifest that greatness. Instead of running away from adversity, let’s embrace it quickly and learn from every negative experience.

There are lessons in every moment of adversity.  Therefore, it behooves us to think critically, absorb the lessons and plow forward.  Adversity builds character and helps to sharpen our skill sets.  It may not seem fair or even right, however each moment of adversity brings us closer to our goal.

We can learn from every experience, even if it is a bad experience.  We can learn what to do and what to not do.  Stop beating yourself up and recognize your inner strengths.  In order to live our best life, we need to cultivate our strengths.  Never dwell on your mistakes.  Extract the lessons and regroup.  Even the greatest among us has made mistakes in life.  Our mistakes should never define us. 

Failure is not your first, middle or last name. If you falter, get up and step back into the arena of life, ready to take your rightful place at the head of the table.  Never let your critics determine who you are or what you will accomplish in life.

Insecure people will always be critical, especially those with zero emotional intelligence.  Like an albatross, these people want to put their limitations around your neck. Refuse to accept the burden of others and embrace your true greatness.  Use every adversity as a stepping stone for your success. YOU are Elite!