Why I Like Lemonade!

In life, we are often left with lemons, therefore being innovative and learning to enjoy the cool taste of lemonade is a benefit. Obstacles and challenges abound in life and our ability to be resilient will mean whether or not we are ready for the blessing around the corner. Too often, we give up just before the victory parade has been prepared for us. Sticking to the path that leads to success is not often easy and may at times be downright scary, yet failure or the thought of failure should be enough to give us the impetus to move forward to our natural state –VICTORY! Say to yourself, “Somebody has to win! Why not me!”

In relationships and the corporate world there are times when things will not go our way. Why spend time beating yourself over the head for things you can’t control? When one door closes, at least 10 doors open? The opportunities to be great and to have a lasting impact on those around us should drive us to move forward even when others say, “You are not good enough”. Learn to embrace the struggle and prove your worth by achieving success in spite of the odds.

When you are told, “You did great, but we don’t know you”…after your interview for the job that you prepared for, what do you do? Is that the time to run for the hills or to bounce back and show your true brilliance? As the saying goes, “success is the best revenge”. Each setback is an opportunity to learn the values of the organization and the people you interact with on a daily basis (either personally or professionally).

On the road to greatness and success, there will inevitably be bumps on the path. Lemons will fall like manna from heaven. Our duty, is to turn obstacles into stepping stones for our success. Like the children story, the tortoise and the hare, slow and steady often WINS the race. As long as you keep moving towards your goal and taking incremental steps toward your objective, success will be achieved.

Excellence is indeed a habit. That is why I like lemonade!

Tony Samuel