Failure Is Good!

You can never be an expert the first time you try something new.  On the road to achieving greatness, failure is part of the process.  Never forget this!  It is said that Thomas Edison failed 10,000 times before he finally invented the light bulb.  What if he had stopped sooner or at 9,999? We would… Read More »

Adversity! Why Not?

Tough times test character and help to define priorities. As motivational guru Les Brown states, “Adversity introduces a person to himself”.  The tough times we encounter in life are never permanent, even though the pressure may be taxing on our spirits.  Leaning forward means to focus on the end game and to not let temporary… Read More »

The Reluctant Learner

Life has a way of revealing certain truths.  At times, we consciously go against and refuse to do the things we intrinsically know will benefit us long term.  Having a holistic strategy and being willing to open our thinking to what’s truly possible, will help us to be successful in life. We all know the… Read More »

Why I Like Lemonade!

In life, we are often left with lemons, therefore being innovative and learning to enjoy the cool taste of lemonade is a benefit. Obstacles and challenges abound in life and our ability to be resilient will mean whether or not we are ready for the blessing around the corner. Too often, we give up just… Read More »

Diversity Is a Competitive Advantage

Diversity creates opportunities for innovation. In the search for the next gold rush, companies are clamoring to engage millennials through the creation of compelling stories. With the current seismic shift in population demographics and increased globalization, how can leaders make the difference when it comes to diversity? What is the role of diversity in the… Read More »