The Reluctant Learner

Life has a way of revealing certain truths.  At times, we consciously go against and refuse to do the things we intrinsically know will benefit us long term.  Having a holistic strategy and being willing to open our thinking to what’s truly possible, will help us to be successful in life.

We all know the people around us who do not have our best interest at heart.  In the workplace and in our personal lives, it is critical for us to choose our associates and friends wisely.  Too often, people have personal agendas that seek to destroy instead of to uplift.  These folks are toxic and should be avoided whenever possible.

Learning to listen to our internal compass is essential and may save us from associating with people who are integrity challenged. Being a leader requires us to constantly adapt, therefore learning from our mistakes quickly is indeed beneficial.  Life is about growth and moving beyond the familiar.

Being a reluctant learner can be dangerous!  It can lead to missed opportunities and massive failures. History is full of companies that refuse to change; some of them no longer exist. People run companies, therefore people who refuse to change and embrace the current realities will inevitably run into titanic icebergs.

Follow your instincts and you will do well.  This is something I have practiced for years and it has indeed served me well.  Sometimes following your instincts may literally save your life. Making a left turn or going a different route has proven to be a blessing for some.

Life has a way of putting speed bumps in our paths.  Sometimes these speed bumps are disguised as friends, co-workers and even family members. Avoiding speed bumps and distractions is mission critical to having a successful life.  Being a reluctant learner can stop us from receiving our blessings.

A reluctant learner is a term I created to describe people who continuously fail to learn from their mistakes. We all make mistakes, however the reluctant learner fails to even see the most fundamental errors of his ways and continually insist to himself that he is on the right path, even in the presence of mounting evidence to the contrary.

As the saying goes, “When the student is ready, the teacher will appear”. Henceforth, be open to the teacher and you will prosper!